Maydena Mountain Bike Park

Soooo we didn’t take that many photos at Maydena…we are having too much fun…

We were super pumped to head out to Maydena Bike Park for 2 days of solid downhill; and the park did not disappoint. Only an hour and a half from Hobart, and only open for 2 weeks at that point, it is impressive to see what Simon and the Dirt Art team have pulled off since September (that’s only 6 months of trail building). The 35 trails on offer are a little less family friendly then Derby at the moment; it is more of a mountain biker’s park. The team has big plans and aim to eventually have 120km of trails, including an alpine epic and hiking loops. The double blacks really are gnar, the greens have doubles on them and are super fun, and even the blues have features that make you hold your breath.

The park takes advantage of the existing infrastructure of an old school, which works perfectly for the parks needs as a base, with a bike wash, bar/café (with local craft beers and decent food), shop, workshop, rental fleet and space to rest between runs. At the top, there is the Eagle Eyries building, which was built by Foresty Tasmania originally as a conference centre/visitor attraction(?) with incredible views of the surrounding Styx and Derwent Valleys dense forest and mountains. The centre also offered an existing road to the top.

The shuttle bus drops you at the top and each lap you are treated to 820 meters of vert. Each run took us about 20/30 minutes and was filled with non-stop action and fun times through several microclimates. Alpine views, to dense rainforest, to dusty woodland. Similarly, the trails offer a full menu from steep rough cut narrow tech, to buff relentless berms and jumps, to fast flow, it was awesome to experience the signature each trail builder had had on the different trails. You’ll never get bored on any of the trails, and probably lose count of the features, corner and jumps you hit; you’ll just remember that they felt spot on.

Admittedly the little 4.5 got worked, ideally I would have had a bike with more travel (closer to 160mm), but no less fun was had. We rode as many laps as our hands would let us, wanting to do more but not physically able to. Some highlights include King Brown – back to back steep berms with some fast technical charging, Handi Scandi – fast, playful tech with the odd berm, Colour Blind – fun intermediate jumps and berms (what Whistler is missing) and if you really want to poop your pants, Zen Garden is relentless and offers a mandatory gap onto a rock with a decent drop the other side.

Combined with Derby, Tasmania has launched it’s self up there on the must-go list of any mountain biker and is leading the way for gravity fed mountain biking in Australia.

That evening we stayed at the ‘Left of The Field’ campground run by the nicest, most Australian bloke you’ve ever met. Greeting us with a stubby in one hand, bush hat, trousers and thongs, and a no stress, ‘sort ya selves out and come find me to pay’ attitude, he was more interested in how the biking was. His whole demeanour was summed up when dealing with some other campers – ‘you seemed to have parked on the green for the fifth hole, it’s a par 3 by the way.  No worries, we’ll just move the hole’.

The campsite was pretty random, as you can tell there was a ‘golf course’, there was also a pet platypus in the creek, and ‘hottub’ – a bathtub that you lit a fire underneath  (if you wanted) and a nice open air, outdoor kitchen/ common area.

Enjoying a well earned beer at Maydena

Our second day at Maydena was more of the same stoked body and bike battering, and then it sadly was time to head north to the ferry and finish our amazing adventure in Tasmania.

Tasmania had been beyond our expectations, but it was time to head back, relax and then get ready for our next adventure…Vietnam.

Back in Eagle Point we unpacked all the camping gear, washed all the smelly biking gear, and packed all our beach and travelling gear. We had a relaxing few nights with Shane’s parents, getting mussels from the Jetty (think Kate managed 4 meals worth of mussels totalling her body weight) and sampling more from the garden. We also got a pedal in at Colquhoun Mountain Bike Park (, and got caught in the rain on the cross country loop.   But, most importantly, we took the tinny out for some fishing and Kate caught her first fish! Just need to get one that is big enough to eat now…already planning to do this when we get back from Asia.


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