East Coast and the South of Tasmania

Stocked up in St Helens, we headed north along the coast road into the Mount Pearson State reserve, and to our camping spot for the night at Cozy Corner South park. The campsite was clearly popular, with good reason, but we found ourselves a nice notch that the caravans couldn’t get into.

We wish we had more time and better weather here, but the evening and morning we had exploring were stunning. Deep blue ocean, the whitest sand you have ever seen, and the contrast of the red from the algae on the rocks made looking out over the ocean for hours seem like minutes.

We explored the rocks a little and ate dinner to a stunning sunset on the beach. Simple pleasures, and really relaxing.

The next morning after a quick breakfast beach walk, we hit the road and headed south to the Wine Glass Bay area. Luckily the weather eased up as we started the Wine Glass Bay to Hazard’s beach hike.

The hike starts with a climb to the Wine Glass Bay look-out and is a bit of a tourist trap. We got our happy snaps and escape the crowds, heading down the track to the bay itself.

wineglass bay beach
Wineglass bay Lunch spot

After some lunch at Wine Glass Bay beach, we took the bush track over to Hazards Bay and walked along the beach to join back onto the track through the forest.

The weather finally cleared on the last leg of the trail which hugs the side of the mountain, and we were treated to views of the surrounding bays. For those counting that was hike number 2 for Shane…

That evening, in true camper-life style, we stayed out the back of a pub in a paddock just north of Hobart – gotta love free camping spots and the wikicamper app…

The next morning we started our Hobart exploring with a trip to the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). The building itself is something to marvel at; you enter at the top via a contemporary and modern designed entrance area and go down into what feels like the Bat Cave.

The tour starts at the bar and you are given an iPod which contains ‘The O’ and gives you details of each installation as you pass it. The museum is filled with some really random, interesting and out-there pieces.

Highlights include a waterfall that spells out words as the droplets fall (bit.fall 2001-06), the wall of vagina moulds (C***s… and other conversations, 2008–11), and a machine that is fed, digests and then poops every day (Cloaca Professional, 2010).

 David Walsh parking stop
You get an idea of David Walsh’s personality by his parking stop


The owner of the building and the art is David Walsh, an interesting character whose personality and sense of humour is clear throughout the building and all the material related to the MONA. He made his millions gambling and gave back to the city he grew-up in with this project. If you are in the area it’s definitely worth a visit.






For lunch, we headed to the top of Mount Wellington and enjoyed the (cold) view over Hobart city.

top of Mount Wellington
Cold and windy lunch views at the top of Mount Wellington

On the way down Shane took advantage of the drive up and dropped in for a ride down the North-South track.

Fritz the sausage dog
Fritz – He’ll melt your heart

Later that evening we met up with Jac and Nick, and took advantage of Jac’s pregnant status with a shuttle back up Mount Wellington to start an evening ride around the area, with Nick as our guide.


Mount Wellington was more of the rugged style of riding we experienced in Red Hill. The climbs had been built well and the descents more natural, rough cut and unmanicured. There were a few surprisingly steep and wild sections and having Nick lead us around the labyrinth of trails was really appreciated. That evening we stayed with Jac, Nick, Fritz, and the cats.




Well rested the next day we headed out towards Port Arthur and Cape Huay. Cape Huay is the last cape on the new-ish 3 Cape Track. It’s a 9km out and back route.

You start at the Fortescue Bay campground and hike backwards along the three cape track to the Cape Huay turn off.

The hike starts with a million stairs in the bush, but just after the turnoff to cape point, the forest opens up and you are treated to a breathtaking view of the track ahead and the cliff-side ocean.

The whole 3 cape is now on my bucket list to go back to! The out and back track ends with a 360 view platform near the point of the cape and was the perfect spot for lunch. The trail its self is well built and there are a few ‘don’t look down’ moments as you have 300-meter cliff faces either side of you.

You can’t take enough photos to justify how incredible the hike is. Oh, and hike number 3 for Shane – breaking records!

Chilling at the beach post hike
Chilling at the beach post hike

After a well-deserved beer at the beach after the hike, we headed back to Jac and Nicks and got ready for riding MAYDENA!



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