Eagle Point, Mount Taylor, and Raymond Island

YAY, we’ve made it with ALL our stuff.

It’s so nice to be in the daylight past 4pm and in a T-shirt outside…

Thankfully our flights went smoothly and ALL our luggage turned up unscathed. Once we landed we had a quick lunch with Barry, Shane’s Granddad, and then we just had the 3 hour drive out east until the mid-life retirement could really start.

So what have we been up to so far? Asides raiding the vegetable garden, and eating our body weight in passion fruits…

Decompress and chill

Eagle Point has a nice relaxing slow pace by the Gippsland Lake, so we took the opportunity to get some R’n’R at Shane’s parents place. Sitting on the deck enjoying the veranda was a welcomed change of pace after a non-stop few months of prepping for the trip and taking advantage of all the good ski conditions back in Whistler.

Mountain Biking at Mount Taylor

Whilst not the main reason we headed out east, it was still worth the trip for our ride at Mount Taylor, Shane’s home track. After popping by Riviera Cycles for a quick catch up and chat with Gary, he suggested ‘Flow trail’ out at Mount Taylor mountain bike park. To be honest, our expectations were pretty low, but the trail was so good we rode back up for another lap. No things crazy difficult on the trail, but definitely one to keep you on your toes with a variety of terrain. Back to back banked corners, a few rock features and some fast straights to pump along.

Here is the ride on Trail Forks and Strava

Here’s Shane enjoying one of the back to back corners:

Koala hunting on Raymond Island

After the heat shock to our system (a mild 25 degree for our first bike ride), we took it a bit easier the next day. Cameras at the ready, we spent the morning Koala hunting on Raymond Island.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cruising along the board walk on Raymond Island, looking over the water to Paynesville
Cruising along the board walk on Raymond Island, looking over the water to Paynesville

Next stop Melbourne area…


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